TC Engineering Services

Our associated group of companies are made up of highly-qualified and experienced staff. We prioritise the quality of the services we provide to ensure maximum benefits for our clients.


The list of Companies are as follows:-


TC Engineering Services        

Portobello Engineering           

GT Electrical                         

Owl Projects                         

Industrial Process Pumps      


TC Engineering Services

Tim Cuthbert

MPhil Chemistry; BSc(Hons) Applied Chemistry



Industrial Water Cooling

Cooling Tower Repair and Refurbishment

Dust and Fume Extraction

M&E Installations

Pulp and Paper Process Chemicals (Especially Deinking)


Professional skills and experience:

14 years experience in Pulp and Paper Industry 1991 - 2005 (including 6 years specifically in deinking industry)

9 years experience in Industrial Water Cooling Industry 2005 - 2014



1989 Graduated Coventry University - BSc (Hons) Applied Chemistry 

1991 Coventry University - MPhil Chemistry


1991 1997

Grace Dearborn/Betz Dearborn

1998 - 2003

High Point Chemicals / Nalco

2003 - 2005

Stephensons Group

2005 - 2010

Carter Environmental Engineers


Owner of TC Engineering Services


*  For information concerning the above group of companies,

    please feel free to visit their websites.